TCM Wellness


Xin Hua tcm clinic is dedicated to help clients achieve the desired weight loss and attain a healthy lifestyle using the unique Xin Hua TCM slimming therapy.
This treatment helps those who are concerned about weight related illnesses and need to battle overweight conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure, gout, sleep apnea and more.

Our dedicated physicians and skillful therapists are fully committed to help clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have helped many clients successfully achieved weight loss and continue maintain their weight even after treatment stops. Xin Hua slimming therapy is confident in helping one achieve better health through our weight management program.

TCM Tui Na massage is most suited for localized slimming. Though it can be used on its own, it is most effective when used in conjunction with other treatment strategies such as acupuncture/ cupping.
The TCM massage therapy promotes qi (vital energy) and blood flow, helps to remove obstructions in the meridians and relieves stagnation. Different forms of pressure are applied depending on whether the aim is to tonify, to reduce, or to achieve a relative neutral, calming effect. massage helps restore localized blood circulation and increases the metabolic rate and lipid break down in the targeted area.

TCM slimming Therapy

We have 2 kinds of slimming Therapy:

(1) acupuncture slimming Therapy

Our 3-in-1 program involves acupuncture + Lymphatic Drainage Wrap + 1 hour slimming massage.
Each treatment lasts 2 hours

(2) cupping slimming Therapy

This therapy involves cupping + Lymphatic Drainage Wrap + half hour slimming massage.
Each treatment lasts 1 hour

Let our physician diagnose your condition and advise you which slimming therapy is suitable for you.

acupuncture/cupping helps in overall weight loss, while slimming massage helps to reduce inches and tone up flabby areas such as the stomach, thighs and arms.

Both acupuncture/cupping and massage treatments work in tandem to help one achieve greater weight loss and a firmer skin with more elasticity.

For effective weight loss and maintenance, a sensible diet and exercise regime is strongly recommended.

Significantly reduce body fat percentage
Significantly reduce tummy fat and inches
Significantly reduce thigh swelling and inches
Improve metabolism rate
Improve health and soothe body ache