TCM Consultation


An act of renewing contact with sources of information and reviewing data needed to reinforce or evaluate a previousaction or report, such as reexamination of an earlier diagnosior prognosis. Some further action taken after a procedure is finished, suh as contact by a health car agency days or weeks after a patient has undergone treatmnt.

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In today’s healthcare environment, following up with patients is not only critical to compliance and outcomes, it is also a proactive approach to reducing risk and improving safety. According to one study of patients discharged after being prescribed a new medication:

  • 86% were aware that they had been prescribed new medications.
  • Fewer could identify the name (64%) or number (74%) of their new medications or their dosages (56%), the schedule to take them (68%), or the purpose of the prescription (64%).
  • Only 22% could name at least one adverse effect.
  • Only 11% could recall being told of any adverse effects.

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